Back to the Grind, Sort Of

I'm heading back to work today after a long holiday break. The kids don't actually start back to school until tomorrow but tomorrow is my trip to MacWorld so I'm going to go put in some time today.

I've got a bunch of ideas I want to see about putting into practice to make the lab more usable, more fun and more educational.

I'd also like to complete the hiring process so I'm a full-time worker rather than a temp for the security reasons, the benefits and the ability to get pay raises and promotions. As it is, I'm barely scratching the surface of the good stuff in working for the district.

It will be nice to get back to work though. I hope my lab isn't as icey as it was leading into the break but the weather's changed so it should be better.

And I'm actually pretty jazzed about going to MacWorld tomorrow even if the surprise closet is mostly empty (i.e. Apple won't be introducing the next category killer tomorrow). Any trip up to the city is fun and this time its all about Macs which is just cool by me and, who knows, I could win myself a new iPhone, that'd be fine!