I Survived Xmas 2007

The day is done, my boys are asleep in their beds (well, Grady's sleeping in my bed right now) and my wife and I got a chance to talk some stuff over that needed talking over (ooh, doesn't that sound ominous?).

In between all that, we visited with friends we haven't seen in far too long, had a good time at my in-laws with a full house of family and kids and presents and ham and turkey and stuffing and gravy and more.

I got some pretty thoughtful and thought provoking gifts (thanks Mom!) and enjoyed seeing my two beautiful boys open and have a ball with their new things. Sully's big win for the day is a toy ride on Kawasaki ATV that makes noises and is pretty kickass for an 18 month old (or a three and a half year old as the case may be) to tool around on. Grady's big wins include a Leapster portable learning/gaming system and a Geo Trax Grand Central Station which has been added to our collection so that now we can quite literally take over the entire living room with snap together trains.

Also, my gloom and doom mood has, largely, lifted as the day passes into yesterday. I've still got a bunch of stuff to do and stuff to mail but that's alright, I've still got a couple of weeks off work to do them. And to start putting some plans together for 2008, including camping, weekend biking trips, family vacations to spring training (perhaps) and much, much more.