Enduring Nicknames

Have I ever mentioned that Sullivan's most enduring nickname is Faceplant Johnson? It is with good reason. The kid loves to climb up on stuff, fall and land so he hit his head. And then he'll do it again and again.

He delights in stepping off his big brother's bed into space, usually to be caught by his mom or dad but occasionally crashing down to the carpet below. His grin upon the successful planting of his face is pretty comical and I think he might be developing into a class clown sort of kid.

He loves showing off, loves trying to do what his big brother can do, delights in being an annoyance and really enjoys wrecking his big brother's very, very carefully arranged car scenes.

I just hope he eventually grows out of his need/desire to faceplant all the time so we can move on to a less ignominious nickname.