Changing Stations

I've recently made a conscious decision to not allow myself to get as frustrated or aggravated with the world around me. It really has been as simple as choosing to not be as frustratable, to let the annoyances just slide off and go away.

That is, I do not bark back at the dog for being a dog. I do not lose my patience in dealing with my children. And I try not to let the world's stupidities, rudeness and general unfairness negatively impact me. Change those things you can but do not waste time being unhappy about things that are beyond your ability to change or fix.

It hasn't been easy all the time but it has gone a long, long ways to making me a better, happier and higher functioning person/husband/father/employee.

What brought about the change? Just a realization that being angry and frustrated does nothing but wastes energy, diminishes the possibility of fun and creates boundaries where they do not need to exist.

I'm happier and alot less frustrated because I don't get pissed off as easily as I have in recent months. Plus I bet my body is healthier too since stress is making us depressed, fat and sick.

If you're stuck in a cycle of frustration and irritation, take a step outside the cycle and break it. There's nobody but yourself keeping you locked into being unhappy all the time. And there's an awful lot of really good and fun things that you're missing. Like an 18 month old baby boy, who has dimples you could get lost in, thinking the height of fun is to use his poppa like a jungle gym.

If you're unhappy with your current reality then just change it, it really is as simple as choosing to decorate your reality with a different perspective.