Ten Commandments of Gift Buying for Children

I. Thou shalt ensure the inclusion of an off switch on noisy toys.
II. Thou shalt ensure a mute or quiet switch on noisy toys.
III. Thou shalt include an extra set of batteries.
IV. Thou deliverest loud instrument type toys only unto parents you do not like.
V. Thou shalt bequeath age appropriate toys, too young and boredom cometh, too old and frustration cometh.
VI.Thou shalt consider the size of the toy.
VII. Thou shalt seek permission before offering toys of war.
VIII. Knoweth that a toy that imparts annoyance in short order in the store will absolutely drive the parents crazy.
IX. Thou shalt consider younger siblings and refrain from purchasing toys with many small parts.
X. Thou shalt try to gift durable, useful and educational toys above others but books are good too.