Doing My Part to Help Out During the Writer's Strike

So alot of the shows on tv have gone into hiding with their writers on strike, including Saturday Night Live and, I'm guessing they have writers, MadTV.

Because the world needs a good laugh and sometimes even a pitying chuckle will do, I thought I'd offer what help I can.

So here's my idea for a couple of skits:
Dog the Bounty Whisperer - an N word spewing Cesar Millan uses passive dominance techniques to control the targets of his operations. He would have a flak jacket, tattoos and a mullet as well as a couple of tough looking leashes hanging from his utility belt. And, once he'd coerced the bail skippers into custody, he'd sit down and have a heart to heart with them about finding Dog.

The Britney Alert - Expanding on the Amber Alert, child abduction notification system, California is planning on implementing the Britney Alert, a system to alert drivers that Britney Spears is driving on public roads and your toes are not safe.

[Update: Another new skit.
Steampunk'd - A new show where people get tricked into thinking something they value has been lost or stolen and it gets a steampunking treatment. And no, Ashton Kutcher will not be hosting. For more Steampunk goodness, swing by the Steampunk Workshop]