Aquadots = GHB

Mom: Chemical-laced toy made son 'drunk'

Another day, another Chinese-made toy recall. This time its about Aquadots, a toy that gets arranged, sprayed with water and then sticks together. The only problem is that the beads are coated with a chemical that the body metabolizes into gamma hydroxy butyrate or GHB which can cause unconsciousness, seizures, sleepiness, coma and even death.

Wow, nice product R&D, fellas. Of course, now the sick fools that use date rape drugs to find victims will be snapping these toys up like candy.

I think the safest mantra these days is avoid the Made in China label, it basically means it will either poison you or send you into a delirious state. They'll need to prove they are harmless before I let my boys play with them.