What's Worse Than The Sight of Your Own Blood?

Any parent knows the answer to this one.

The sight of your children's blood is ten times or a hundred times worse than your own. With an injury to yourself, you can deal with the pain and move on. With an injury to your children, especially the little, little ones, they are much harder to deal with. Aside from the panic it can induce, they don't like to sit still and get cuts cleaned out and bandaged up and babies do not, at least mine do not, like having bandaids on them.

Yesterday afternoon, Sully pushed one of the chairs from the table to counter and cut his thumb on a knife. It probably did not help that he squeezed a lemon and got juice in the cut since that magnifies the pain by quite alot.

He was most unhappy and I was rather freaked out, at first, but we got a paper towel on his thumb and then got the Neosporin and bandaids together. It took a couple of tries before we got things situated properly and the poor little guy had tears down his cheeks. But we did get him patched up and better and, in about five minutes, he was laughing and playing again like nothing had happened.

And, about a half hour later, my hands stopped shaking.