Right Message, Wrong Target and Wrong Delivery

Miss England told to fatten up before the Miss World competition (which, thankfully, isn't owned by Donald Trump). Now, take a look at the picture and tell me she's too thin. She looks to be in good shape, healthy and pretty darned pretty.

I appreciate the message that is attempting to be sent, that the waif thing, the size 0 model, is an unhealthy image and role model to aspire to. But Georgia Horsley isn't a size 0, she's a size 4 and looks as healthy as can be.

This message would be alot more effective if it were leveled at the scrawny runway models featured in those fashion shows. You know, the ones that have these women parading around in ridiculous looking outfits showing off their ribs and bony knees and calling it sexy and fashionable when nobody in their right or wrong mind would ever wear the stupid looking outfits.