Many years ago now, when I used to live in South Africa, I had a motorcycle mechanic that I'd been introduced to. He was an ancient little guy with a pretty quick wit (and, unfortunately, a bad prescription).

Everytime I'd speak to him, on the phone or in person and I'd ask him how he was, his stock response was, "Battlin'". Which I took to mean that he wasn't done fighting yet and he had some spark left in him and stand back. I liked him quite a bit even though I pretty much had to have him redo every repair he did for me.

But that's another story for another time.

The point here is that I am Battlin' these days, I'm Battlin' hard and doing everything I can to keep fighting and trying. But even though I am doing just about everything I can to get a new job, it isn't happening fast enough. No matter how many customized resumes and well written cover letters I write, the process is still too slow.

And being without a job means, obviously, that I need one (unless that damned lottery hit for me). But the more places I talk to, he more people I contact, the slower things seem to go. It is extremely frustrating.

I maintain my positive attitude because I know that something good will happen. But it does get more and more difficult. Something has to give, I just hope it isn't me.