"Super Dad", "Challenge Dad" or "Sucker Dad"?

A new quiz in Japan will test your knowledge of subjects that are directly applicable to your ability to be a good parent to your child. Things like how much of the Gross Domestic Product is spent on parenting support? Or who was the father in "Kramer vs. Kramer"?

Depending on how well you score, you'll be labeled a "Super Dad" or a "Challenge Dad" but I'd add "Sucker Dad" to anyone lame enough to pay thirty four bucks (yes, that's $34) to test something that means almost nothing in the real world of being a parent.

A better test would be to place a man in situations and see how they deal with the stress of being a parent. Say, not letting them sleep for three days and then having a baby puke all over themselves and you while getting loaded into the car for a meeting or appointment that you're already late for.

That'll really test your abilities. Not stupid trivia questions about parenting in general.