Yesterday afternoon Grady tried to put me in a timeout and the way he tried to do it was pretty darned hilarious. He stomps his foot, thrusts his finger out and says "Poppa, you go timeout!"

Of course it doesn't come out quite like that, it sounds like, "Poppa, gotimeout!" and he has the most serious look on his face.

One of my other favorite things he says is in response to me telling him, "I love you Grady" and he will sometimes reply, "I love you, Poppa" and it is about the most heart warming thing you could ever imagine.

He also likes to declare that a particular route is now off limits and he'll stand in the way with his arms stretched out and a very serious look on his face.

Kids are more fun than I ever could have imagined, they are also incredibly tiring and frustrating sometimes. Like last night when he decided that shouting at full volume at the dinner table was not only alright but really, really fun. And then Sully joined in too.