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Harshest words saved for Britney's body

Sure, she may have sucked nuts on her performance and made a bad choice for costume. And granted that I haven't seen a moment of any video from the event. Nor did I have the slightest interest in watching since MTV long ago lost me as a viewer.

But I have seen a bunch of photos from her performance and I find it kind of amazing that people are people so harsh on her for her body. For a mother of two, she looks pretty excellent and I think the critics just pounced on what they felt was an easy target.

I wonder how any of them would look in a wee number like Teh Brit sported? Not half as good, I'd wager. She looks healthy, she doesn't look like a malnourished heroin addict with blond extensions.

There's a reason she's not a skinny teen with big boobs. She's not a skinny teenager anymore. I think expectations were way out of line with reality, ten years is ten years on anyone. And the criticisms do further harm to a generation of teen girls looking at her and being told she's fat.

[Update: Apparently she showed up several hours late for a rehearsal, drunk. That can work for you if you're Frank Sinatra but he didn't have the complicated dance moves or a bikini on. And she refused to wear the outfit MTV chose, a corset-ty number that would have covered her up more. But she chose the skimpy bra and panties numbers, which I maintain looked pretty damned good. And I did see some video of her "performance", it was worse than bad, it was pitiful. And awful.]