Another Installment in the Saga of Art the Asshole

I had a neighbor, we'll call him Art, because it isn't his real name. He had two sons, a daughter, a wife and a big old Rottie when we first bought our house next door. When he had to move out of his house, his wife had left him and his daughter had sued him for child support because she had to leave home because he was such an asshole to her.

Nice, eh?

Also, his middle child thought it would be a good idea to jump someone with two of his pals a few weeks before his high school graduation. Never did see what became of his arrest for assault.

And the oldest in the family, let's call him Slimer because he is a smarmy slimy fucking prick with a grin to your face and nothing but insults and threats behind your back.

The wife left him after Art came home to catch her astride a cop in their bed, so I can understand some anger and betrayal issues but Art's assholery goes far, far beyond the call of bitterness. He is, at his core, an asshole.

So, he and his two wonderful boys had to move in with his sister because he couldn't afford child support and his mortgage. Which is understandable but doesn't really give him a license to be such a cock to the rest of the world and, duh, is part of the reason his wife went elsewhere.

The house sat empty for a month or two until he rented it to a pair of Philippino near-retirees who'd just liquidated their house to prepare to retire to the Philippines. They took a house they had lived in with their four kids for a couple of decades and packed much of it up, sold and gave away alot and just threw a bunch more. But they still ended up with a rather stuff house and an overstuffed garage that you literally have to hold the stuff up to close the door on.

It took them a couple of months to get moved in and settled. And then Art the Asshole approaches them with an offer to sell the houes to them. They, obviously, do not want to buy a house as they are two to three years away from going away forever. So Art the Asshole puts the house on the market and basically wants to sell the house out from under them, even though they had an agreement to stay for two years when they first moved in.

I hope the neighbors living there now sue the hell out of Art the Asshole even though it wouldn't teach him anything except to be more of an asshole.