Wisdom from Jesus

Stop using Jesus as an excuse
Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against the things Jesus taught (according to the Bible). I do have a tremendous issue with people warping those teachings to their own twisted and hateful agendas.

Jesus was not a violent man, he was not a bigot, a racist, a classist dickwad, a redneck, an intolerant hater at all. Jesus taught to accept and respect all people. And yet we have militant radical Evangelicals, we have Jesus Camps training Christian soldiers (brainwashed children) and we have a highly polarized nation and world with Xtians on the one side and Muslims on the other. The radical elements are warring it out.

True men of God would not be leading the persecution of gays, blacks, Jews or whatever group they personally have a problem with and use Jesus' teachings to convert others to their hateful position. This is part of the reason why I deeply loathe religious groups. I have no problem with a religious group helping its members "find their way" by guiding them spiritually but I have a major issue with them telling their flock lies and deceptions to polarize and inject hatred into the world. The world is already full of hate, why add to it?

And, oh yeah, that whole molestation insanity, that bothers the hell out of me (yes, pun intended) and, hopefully, drives the hell right into those scumbags who use their position of power to molest kids. If there is a hell, they need to burn for a damned long time.

The image above comes from The People's Republic of Seabrook, my never-ending source of inspiration and outrage.

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