Will Commit Violent Assault for PS3

PS3 Launch Marred by Violence. I saw one story where a store set up a contest of 60 people for ten consoles, one ended up getting his jaw broken, oops, that's what we call bad marketing.

You'd think the PS3 launch, sorry, that's Sony Playstation 3, was the second coming of Christ or something. And maybe, for some people, it is. For others, its a way to waste a few days and maybe make an insane amount of profit from people that have too much time, money and not enough brain cells.

Don't get me wrong, I want a PS3 just like every other gamer out there. But I'm not going to go camp out for two days, I'm not going to pay $9000 for one on Ebay and I'm not going to rob someone for one. I'm happy to wait a few months, maybe even a year if I have to, until I can go into Circuit City or Best Buy or get one online for regular retail, maybe even knocked down for the 2007 Christmas season.

People are out of the their freaking minds.