What Is The Deal with Election Calls?

Thank fucking goodness that tomorrow is election day. And woe unto the live caller who calls me trying to make sure I'm voting for their candidate. Because I've fucking had it with goddamned phone calls and recordings from asshats telling me what to do, what propositions to vote for and who to support.

I've registered my phone number with the Do Not Call list, why in the hell does that not come into account with these garbage calls?

I have zero interest in whatever the Reserve Officer's want me to vote for. I don't give a fuck about Prop 84 or any of that shit. I am, however, sick of the damned calls. I even called one back tonight and got the same recording.

I'd like to let my party know that they are pushing me to vote against them and their candidates with the onslaught. Is that what they want? Do they really want me to get so fed up with this ridiculous shit to vote against them?

Damn, I am really glad that tomorrow signals the end of this voting season. It gets incredibly annoying and right now, I just want to kick some phonebanker right in the balls and tell them to take my damned number off their fucking lists.

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