A Week of Discovery

So, I was sitting here trying to figure out something to write about this morning while my two boys are down for naps.

And it occurs to me that my personal blog exploration has kind of stalled recently. So, I am going to try to rectify this situation by exploring a new blog each day for the next week. I will start with my blogroll on the right there and check out the blogs they link to until I find a new blog that I want to read.

First up will be Intellectual Properties, one of the blogs I've been reading the longest. I respect Amy's passion for her causes and I am very rarely disappointed when I stop by her blog for a read.

I've tried StumbleOn and BlogExplosion but am pretty unsatisfied with the results. So I figure exploring the blogs that are important to the blogs I already read will be a reasonably good way of adding some new content to my reading. If you have a particularly good blog that you've been reading and you think I should know about it then please leave a comment and point me at 'em. I like informative or funny blogs but have had my fill of the politics until the next election cycle. Oh yeah, I'm also really not interested in blogs that don't have comments, those aren't blogs in my opinion, blogs are interactive, comment-free blogs are soapboxes without the desire for feedback or interaction.

Note, on the professional side, I've been adding some incredibly interesting and good blogs lately. Most notably, Mike Rothman's Security Incite and Rich Mogull's Securosis.

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