UFC Fight Night Wrap

Just got in from watching the UFC fights tonight. It was a good night fighting with a bunch of a good fights and the finale of Matt Hughes getting ripped apart by George St. Pierre. It was quality action all the way around, Hughes never really stood a chance. The end came quickly and Hughes said it best after the fight, "I thought it was a punch that got me and I didn't see it was a kick until I saw the replay," which is to say, he got rocked, hard.

After nearly finishing Hughes in the first round and the bell being the only thing that saved him, the second round started and GSP laid it on. His longer reach, quicker punches and just overall superior fighting ability saw him through to that shin to the side of the head, which dropped Hughes. Then he stepped in and started lay haymakers on him while he was on the ground. When GSP went to dropping elbows and Hughes didn't have his hands up to protect himself, the ref, Big John McCarthy, stepped in to stop it and to stop Matt Hughes domination.

It was an excellent, albiet brief, fight.

The other title fight was Tim Sylvia versus Jeff Monson. Heavyweights but very different guys. They battled for 25 minutes, well, they battled for 20 minutes and Tim coasted through the 5th round. Monson is five foot nine and weighs 235 pounds, he was built very, very powerfully. And he's a submission expert. The only thing is that Tim Sylvia is six foot eight and weighs 262 pounds. He was too large for Monson to submit when he did have the opportunity. And when Monson was on top of him, Sylvia could arch his back and Monson couldn't even reach Sylvia.

The moment in the fight where I knew Sylvia had him was when Monson was trying to throw bombs from above and Sylvia arched his back and the punch ran out of distance about four inches from his face. And Sylvia could still punch him. It was an amazing fight. The fifth round was a letdown and I don't think it was fair of the commentators saying Monson had emotionally tapped out, I think he was gassed and realized that beating a truly huge man is a different kind of battle.

There were other good fights too and it really made for a good fight night all the way around. We ended up sort of pissing off some friends who were having a party and trying to play some cards. But that's alright. We wanted to watch the fights, without distraction, without cards, without problems. And that's what we did.

Damn, it was a good night of fighting and I am very happy for George St. Pierre. I'd no idea Matt Hughes had been 42-4 going into the fight, that is an absolutely amazing professional record. More impressive than Rich Franklin's 22-1 before Anderson Silva demolished him. But Matt's career is, for the most part, on the wane. The new crop of fighters are purpose built for MMA (that's mixed martial arts) and they bring alot more skill and power than in the past).

The next big fight coming up is Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell giving Tito Ortiz another try. Chuck is my favorite fighter in the UFC, I like his style, I admire his ethic and I am awed by his power. And watching him finish an opponent is akin to seeing a wolverine tear apart some prey, he is hyper-aggressive and has devastating power in those fists.

Fight Night kicked ass!

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