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Survivor: Cook Islands has now had back to back killer episodes! Last night's was better than last week's in some respects.

The tribe that lost two members to the mutiny is dominating in the challenges, having won four in a row since the mutiny. After the reward challenges they get to select someone to go the friendly confines of Exile Island and they've chosen the one who started the mutiny, Candice, twice. And she cried about it on Exile Island, not because she was miserable there but because she was upset because people she liked (but not well enough to stick with) don't like her. Boo-fucking-hoo, you turned your back on them and they're pissed, rightfully.

Four challenges, four wins by the tribe of four. And the last reward challenge they won was awesome, they were honored guests and a local feast with regalia, homebrew wine and dancing and fun. It was cool and funny to watch them have such a great time.

After the next challenge, that the smaller tribe won again. The losing tribe was given a sealed bottle and told not to open it until after the vote later that night.

They thought it would be a merge but it was actually an instant second purge. They had just lost one more member to a vote and now they had to vote again to kick someone out. Ouch. And now the mighty 8 person tribe is now a humbled 5 person tribe. And the four person tribe is stronger than ever because they work incredibly well together and have been kicking ass and getting the big, yummy food rewards which get more and more important the further into the game you go.

If you haven't been watching this season, you are missing something good.

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