Productive Saturday

Today was a good day for house stuff. It did help that we had the first non-rainy day since Wednesday too, it ended up being warm, sunny and quite nice.

I borrowed my neighbor's truck and got rid of a bunch of stuff in the garage, including the cal king back-breaker mattress, the engine block from my seized SV650, some skanked shower doors, some dead VCR's (which kind of makes the box of movies a waste of space but we'll keep them for another couple of years, I think) and various assorted other crap. For a whopping $7 it's all someone else's problem now. I couldn't find the recycling center for a little bit but when I did, there was no line and I was in and out in about ten minutes. Very cool!

And then I did a major poop-scooping mission in the back yard and mowed the side yard. It sure is nice to have my wife home on a Saturday since she's usually at her shop today.

The only bummer is that I stubbed the hell out of my toe trying to get the hose turned off as Graydon had found it and has improved his spraying capabilities. The stubbing drew blood almost instantly and is now throbbing so that was less than a joy. Oh wait, the other bummer is the asshole neighbors came by to check on their rentors and, surprise, surprise, parked like they owned the entire town, blocking our driveway and behaving like the asshats they are. The only upside is that they go away at the end of the day.

The other really good news is that my friend from EgoCo had her last day yesterday. We talked today and she was positively overjoyed. And yes, there is another post on EgoCo in the works, I haven't had the time to sit and write it out properly yet but it has been started.

And tomorrow is football day! I hope to repeat last week's victory in the pool and continue to take money from my friends.

Also, I came up with some new Blog names that I may or may not share. Or maybe I'll put them into action first. I've decided to add Sloganography to my professional site since it is something I really enjoy doing and, I think, I'm quite good at.

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