Please Vote Unless You Are Voting for Arnold

Just kidding, mostly, on the Arnold bit of the title.

Tomorrow is election day and it is one of the few times of the year that you and I, generally grouped as "average citizens" can exercise our voice in the universe of the politic.

And I urge all people to vote, regardless of your affiliation, regardless of your reasoning (though an informed voter is preferable). Low voter turnouts indicate a lack of give-a-damn in the populance and give politicians that much more carte blanche to do as they please and continue wiping their ass's with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Tomorrow is our chance to voice our complaints and demand change in Washington and locally. Voting in massive numbers sends a message that the people are paying attention and that they are PISSED OFF. Angry about the corruption, angry about the sex scandals, angry about the war in Iraq, angry about domestic policy, angry about the dismantling of habeas corpus.

It doesn't take long and it means alot, yes, even your one vote sends a message. One vote along with millions of others lets the bastards know that we, the people, want a better government, that we, the people, want our government to represent our interests and not their own.

Make your voice heard, get out and vote.

And the best part about tomorrow being election day? No more phone calls, no more mailers and no more attack ads on the idiot box. No wonder Thanksgiving is in November.

PS. The election is NOT about John Kerry and his lame ass sense of humor, the election should be about the lies, deception and outright meanness displayed by the Republican party while they've been in power.

[Update: Brian says that Angelides is a criminal in his comment and I've tried to find some evidence of this. Can anyone help? His Wiki page mentions nothing shady at all. Whereas, Arnold's Wiki page has ample evidence of his misogyny, sexual misconduct, personal misconduct, admiration of the Nazis and support for Kurt Waldheim. And no, Brian, I'm not singling you out. But I'd like to see some evidence of misconduct on Angelides part to support your vote for Arnold, who's definitely an asshole whereas Angelides maybe an asshole. Also, the recall election was a farce and should have never been allowed to happen.]

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