Pixar Makes Video Crack

Last week, my wife borrowed a DVD from some friends for Graydon to watch. It was the movie, Cars, by Pixar and Disney. Since borrowing the disc, we've watched the movie at least once a day, one day we watched it two and a half times.

Graydon has also chewed through the box cover which forced us to buy a replacement copy so now he/we have our very own copy of video crack, I mean, Cars. My son goes to sleep asking to watch the movie, he wakes up asking to watch the movie.

Don't get me wrong, its a pretty good movie. A little telegraphed with the ending wrapping up so neatly but its a touching and incredibly well animated and dazzling effects movie. The writing is good, the storyline is decent and it sounds wicked in surround sound, especially the racing scenes. Some of the jokes are excellent, some of the scenes are inspired.

But I am becoming sick of it and I only get to see about half the movie each time.

So, thanks Pixar, thanks for making a product that my child begs to watch again, even if we're watching the credits from just watching it. Cars is kiddie crack. You have been forewarned.

And I'm sure this is just the tip of the video crack iceberg.

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