Over-Exposed and Over-Annoying

I'm sure most people love him but he really just annoys the hell out of me.

I'm talking about someone who's lost his own sense of self decades ago and now can't be interviewed without going into a "routine" of some sort. I'm talking, of course, about Robin Williams.

He may be funny as hell to some people but he annoys the holy hell out of me with his constant mugging and inability to be, well, normal, for even a couple of minutes. He's nowhere near the annoyance level that an asshat like Tom Cruise is (how dare he snub Oprah for a wedding invite!) or Mel Gibson (the drinkee makes me hate the Jews, when I'm sober I don't, honest!) or Arnold Schwarzenegger (the Governor of Asshatolia) but Robin Williams has definitely crossed over from the list of actors I would see in a movie to one that will make me change the channel instantly and there's zero chance I'd shell out money to go see one of his movies.

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