NWoTD - Scumarketing

Inspired by my most disliked retail giant, Wal-Mart and their scummy marketing tactic of getting kids to spam their parents with expensive crap from Wal-Mart for Christmas.

Scumarketing - scummy marketing, underhanded marketing techniques that leave you feeling like there is a dirty film over you. Unethical and unnecessary marketing that should be met with nothing but scorn and boycotts.

I guess this can also apply to the vast majority of political ads, they aren't about the good a candidate will do, they're about slandering and slinging mud at the other guy (or gal). And it makes any chance of a reasonable debate null and void. Which is lame.

As always, all the new words of the day can be found at the IP Fictionarium which is due for a makeover to make it more usable. I'll get right on that.

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