My Dreams are Creeping Me Out

The last three nights I've had very vivid and pretty disturbingly weird dreams.

Saturday's dream was a mashup of Paris Hilton "high" society and an Ewok village with really nice mountain bikes.

Sunday's dream was about me moving into a broken down hotel to live with trolls and freaks. The hotel had been torn up and part of it had been sheared off so you could look right into the rooms. That one culminated in a more than foot long stink bug that one of them caught, bbq'ed and ate. Yeah, that was lovely.

Last night's dream started in a mall and we were late for a flight. We took a shortcut that consisted of an overhead chain system like in a drycleaners. Only thing is that it dropped my wife on the linoleum and she got cut up. We got to the flight deck on the roof eventually, all of a sudden Nande was with us. Some guy was being a real jerk and I eventually kicked his ass. We sat up near the cockpit with some college students who later turned out to be professors and were sharing joints during the flight. The plane refused to get more than a hundred feet off the ground and the pilot was weaving in and out of buildings. After an hour or so of flying we landed back at the mall where we'd taken off from. And my parents were house sitting at the house of a guy I went to high school with. Very weird.

Any amateurs or pro psychologists want to take a stab at an interpretation?

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