Mission Accomplished on Prop 87, Time To Jack Gas Prices Back Up Again

or, Get Your Gas Today, Not As Cheap As Yesterday But Its A Helluva Lot Cheaper Than It Will Be Tomorrow.

Proposition 87, the Alternative Energy Tax, failed on Tuesday here in California. It would have created a huge pool of money to explore and fund alternative energy.

It was vehemently opposed by the gas companies and, in the run up to the election, gas prices out here dropped to their lowest point in probably two years.

Well, since the election gas prices have already begun to climb back up. Gas went up eight cents over night and they are now set to keep rising. My prediction is that they will try to push gas over $4 to make back their lost profits during the election cycle. And we have no choice but to pay it.

So, nice job, California. You bought the bullshit, they sold the crap and now we have no pool of money to work on alternative energy sources and the gas companies are going to make their sick profits again.

Prop 87 was the most expensive in California history. What's a bunch of millions when the gas companies were looking at a $4 Billion bite into their profits? And California bought it, hook, line and sinker. Well done.

What? You didn't think the $2.40/gallon gas was a coincidence, did you? You're not that stupid. This is price fixing of the filthiest order.

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