Missing the Organized Familial Chaos That is a New England Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and we are not going to be able to make the trek back to my New England roots this year to spend it with my rather enormous and crazy and wonderful family and extended family.

It bums me out to think that we will be missing the festivities this year but there's really no way I could justify the expense for the shortness of the trip. Not with three plane tickets needing to be purchased (since Grady is over 2 and needs his own seat), a car rental, either renting there or bringing along not one but two car seats, kenneling Nande for the four or five days and then just the overall insanity of packing and leaving. Its really too much work and expense for a short trip in time but a very long trip in distance.

I will miss the pies though, oh the glorious table covered in pies, all kinds of pies too. Grasshopper, apple, pumpkin, strawberry, strawberry-rhubarb and many, many more. The pie table is a thing of beauty, like the bonfire and lasagna night. I will miss the traditions that my family engages in for this funky and fun holiday.

I am, however, looking forward to a nice long weekend without the hecticness of travel and movement and everything. We're going up to my in-laws for dinner tomorrow and I am reserving the right to sleep in on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

But maybe I'll make a pie to enjoy with my family out here.

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