A Hit for Humanity

What is the definition of an asshole?

Kevin Federline is the epitome of an asshole.

His latest antics include suing for custody of his children (and big fat palimony checks) and, wait it gets far scummier, now he's threatening to release a four hour sex tape he made with The Brit unless she gives him full custody of their kids AND $30 million or he will sell it to the highest bidder, as reported by The Superficial. Hmm, sounds like blackmail to me.

That, my friends, is the very epitome of, no, the form of an asshole.

And its proof that God doesn't exist, because if God did exist then there would be a moment when a big boot from the sky would come down and squish him into a puddle of blood, bones and bile.

One request to whoever does leak this nastiness onto the internet, do us a favor and edit out any and all scenes that include Federline, or replace him with Peter North or the guy who did the original Goatse (look it up, if you dare).

And no, its not like I'm some huge Britney Spears fan or anything. I have zero interest in watching her have sex with her husband at the time. I have no interest in either of them aside from wanting to watch K-Fed fall into an industrial meat grinder.

Kevin Federline is an infected hemorrhoid on the ass of humanity

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