Emmit Wins Dance Contest but Its NOT THE DAMNED SUPER BOWL!

Emmit Smith Wins ABC's Dancing Title and one of the local news stations compared it to winning the Super Bowl. Sure, you can compare it. But its not even fucking close to winning the damned Super Bowl.


Well, let's see, he was competing against Mario Lopez of Saved by the Bell fame, not the Buffalo Bills.
Its a dance contest and not the biggest game of the season in the National Football League where he gained his fame and stature as a stud running back.
Its a dance contest with sequins, frilly lace and choreography, not organized mayhem with 300 pound linemen, wideouts and Troy Aikman. By the way, Emmitt Smith was the MVP of Super Bowl XXVIII (that's 28 to the Roman numerically challenged) and I can't imagine winning Dancing with the Stars even comes close to that.

Comparing the two is stupid. I'm glad he won but I think he'd trade that trophy in a heartbeat for another chance to play football at the level he used to. No question. But one thing I do know is that he's got too much class to admit as much.

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