Digi-Prints at Long's

Note, this is a non-compensated opinion of Long's Drugs Photo Printing. They can pay me if they like but they haven't yet.

I stopped by the Longs Drugs Photo Center to get some prints made for my mother-in-law who has been mildly complaining that she needs photos of her grandkids.

And, since I keep a slideshow of my best kid pics locked in my camera's memory card, it was simple to use the photo kiosk to load up my photos, select the ones I wanted and order the prints.

When I went back to get them today, they were just finishing them up. The first best part is that they were inexpensive to print. Seventeen 4x6 prints for just over $3 is a good deal by nearly any measure. The second best part is that these are pro-style prints. They look fantastic, they are glossy and I know my MIL will be thoroughly pleased to have some nice shots of her most adorable grandkids!

And I'm going back for more when I need some new prints made. They can also do albums, greeting cards and a whole bunch more. The price at Safeway next door? $.29 a print, nearly double what I paid. And Safeway didn't have helpful (and cute) staff members to help me out.