The Day Two Winner

Day two of my week long blogsploration through my blogroll to find some new blogs to add to my own reading found me poking through Flower in the Breeze's blogroll. As Lujza wrote me, she has a general tendency towards mommyblogs and many of them are not especially enthralling to me. However, when I clicked on Rebekka, I didn't think it would be Rebekka of Flickr fame. She, of some of my all-time favorite photographs. And the photo that greeted me is one of her best among a galaxy of photos that make my own paltry showing look all the more paltry.

The woman has mad skillz with a camera and is drop dead gorgeous to boot. This photo became one of my early favorites and remains a favorite still. And this photo did absolutely nothing to dissuade me.

And Rebekka is the big winner on day two. Welcome to the blogroll.

The other thing today's blogsploration reminded me to do is to take a look at my Flickr favorites more often, there are some truly spectacular photos in there and they both awe and inspire me.

Next up will be Rambling Rhodes, which will be a chore since his blogroll is lengthy and he has not the first clue about removing dead blogs.

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