The Day Three Winner

I was a little pressed for time on day three of my blogsploration, which was a bad idea to begin with and it quickly got much, much worse as I started to work through Rambling Rhodes and his blogroll that coders forgot. He's got more dead blogs and more, sorry dude, crap, than I had much stomach or time for. Seriously his Mu.Nu list is insane, unkempt and filled with much to much insanity (of course, if it had been filled with blogs that subscribed to my political point of view then it would be alot less annoying, maybe no less insane but alot less annoying).

It took some work and alot of poking through blogs that I don't really ever plan on looking at again (you can really only read so much political stupidity about the sky falling now that the Democrats have some control, one went so far as to consider that all politicians are crooked fucks and basically admitted that the Republicans have been doing a thoroughly shitty job).

Anyway, I have found an addition to my bloglines blogroll because it wasn't obviously a GOP-suck-up blog. And its pretty decently funny. The winner of Day Three is The Flying Space Monkey Chronicles.

Welcome to the club, TFSMC.

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