The Day One Winner

The first winner of my new blog exploration (or blogsploration), as outlined the other day in this post, is Out of Character found via Intellectual Properties, the first blog in my little blogroll over there.

What sealed the win? This post about asking bad (read that, really funny) questions in Canada and this one, specifically #3 in the list that reads "It was just brought to my attention that the remote control I've been using to adjust the television volume for the last hour doesn't have any batteries in it. Next I'll probably find out my vodka tonic is really just tonic-tonic and how am I going to explain why I'm crying jaggedly on the couch with my shirt off then?"

Erin, you got me laughing and, for that, I thank you and am adding you to my Bloglines feeds (ooooh, the exclusivity! ooh, the prestige). No really, thanks for making Day One a success.

PS. Today was a banner day for new word generation. I came up with four new words during the course of the day. One that is really gross and one that's kind of "meh" but I like 'em all.

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