The Day Four Winner

I have no idea how I get along with the good gents over at the Mint 400, we disagree strongly on matters of politics, to the point where I thought that today would be the most difficult day of all during my week long blogsploration.

It was, however, the easiest of the bunch. Between the dead blogs and the right wing nuttery, it was simple to get down to the one link that I could and have read for a long time. I am, of course, talking about The Best Page in the Universe. Maddox kicks ass, knows it and doesn't mind telling you how much he kicks ass.

Good shit like his takes time to happen and sometimes many months will go in between posts. But that's alright, waiting is good for people.

The Day Four winner is Maddox and his Best Page in the Universe. And yes, I am fully aware that Maddox would thoroughly hate the word, blogsploration.

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