Dawn of a New Day

Last night wasn't the slam dunk, ass-whooping I was hoping for but it was more than enough of a victory of common sense over craven assholery.

Congrats to Nancy Pelosi and all of the other Democrats who unseated their Republicans to take back control of the House. And I expect that, once the votes are recounted, that George "Macaca" Allen will be defeated by Jim Webb in Virginia and that Claire McCaskill will beat out Jim Talent. Which should give the Democrats a slim margin of power in the Senate as well.

Good. The restoration of the balance of power is far too long in coming and I look forward to the leash being put on Mad Dog Bush and his religio-torturing ways.

I do wish Arnold had lost because I firmly believe that he's the wrong man for California but he thrashed Angelides. And Prop 87 failed as well which I think is a shame since it was so strongly opposed by Chevron and other oil companies for a reason.

And I can almost certainly promise more on the subject later.

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