The Country is Rejecting OJ and Rupert Murdoch

OJ 'confession': now US turns on Murdoch. You cannot fault the people for speaking out in massive numbers and demanding the OJ "If I Did It" interview to air. The short term result is that many local program managers are just opting out of airing it. Good. Nobody should see it, nobody should buy his sham of a book.

Universal and public rejection of him and his false confessions are the only reasonable response to OJ now. The unreasonable response ends badly for the Juice. But I am heartened by the outcry against this interview.

[Update: And the book deal and 2 hour interview deal arrrrrrrrreeeee.........dead. Good, nice to know that the people still have some power and can flex it from time to time. This was a bad idea from the get go and now the executives at Fox are well aware of that fact.]