Bush Impeachment Poll

Live Vote at MSNBC. And the results are overwhelmingly in favor of impeachment. With a supposed response rate of nearly 400,000 votes as of 12:30 am PT.

That's some serious displeasure from the American people.

Guess where my vote went? Yeah, that was easy.

I don't think it will happen though. Why? Because then we'd be stuck with President Dick and the guy's a colossal shitheel, asshole with a heart of coal and a mean streak as wide as freakin' Wyoming.

Now, if we could sweep the entire Bush White House of office then we might be talking. But that can wait until the next election in 2008. I hope the Dems can put up someone with a mote of charisma though, John Kerry might be a good guy but he's not anywhere near the right candidate. Maybe as a VP candidate but not as the frontrunner. We'll see. I'm not sure Obama is ready and I don't think the country is ready to get behind Teh Hilary. Yet.

Anyway, take notice, Bush White House. The country thinks you are a crook and deserving of impeachment. Maybe you should lay off the asshole juice for a little while. Not that it matters all that much anymore since your House and Senate have been taken away by your crappy leadership and the fiasco called Iraq.

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