Best Survivor of the Season!

Last night's episode of Survivor: Cook Islands was the best of the entire season. Which is good because the lame ass recap episode the week before annoyed the hell out of me.

Why was it so good, you ask?

Well I'm glad you did ask. They introduced a new twist into the game. They called it Mutiny. Where Probst, the host, offered each player a chance to switch teams, effectively to turn their backs on their current team and go join the other one. I didn't think anyone was going to do it until Candice stepped forward, followed quickly by Jonathan.

Candice had a good reason for doing so, she had/has a schwing thing for the big muscleboy/frat boy Adam and was good friends with Parvati. Jonathan made a huge tactical error in following her because he thought they were tight but her allegiances are with the big, goofy Adam and Parvati and she doesn't trust or even like Jonathan. Oops.

The other thing about the mutiny is that it took two tribes of six and turned the game on its ear making one tribe of 8 against one tribe of 4, who were shocked that both Candice and Jonathan jumped ship. Shocked and thoroughly pissed off. Ozzy, who had been on the chopping block became a strong, strong fourth on their clan. And they pounded the snot out of the other tribe in the reward challenge. It was not even close.

And the now four person tribe got to go feast on danishes, coffee and other edible goodies. And they got letters and photos from home. Three weeks into the game, that's huge, the nutrition of both body and soul can reinvigorate a team. The other thing is they got to send someone to Exile Island, a lonely place without much shelter or food. They, of course, chose Candice for deserting them.

The immunity challenge was similarly interesting. Because of the eight to four size disparity, the big tribe had no choice in who sat out. And this was a work-together challenge. They had to paddle a boat with a glass bottom out into the water and drop cannonballs into underwater cages to release buoys. Once they had six of them, they head back in, untie the sacks and spell out the secret word which was Bounty. As in, the most famous mutiny in history, Bounty.

The small tribe worked really well together, the other tribe didn't. The small tribe crushed them again and the big tribe was headed to tribal council to cull a member. It should have been a no-brainer to ditch the mutineers but Adam realized that Jonathan was stuck with them, he couldn't go back to his old tribe even if he wanted to. And it made more sense to get rid of Brad who had been saying stupid stuff in camp and demonstrating that he was only a part of the team until the merge. Oops.

He got voted out. It was a great episode. If you think you've seen everything Survivor can toss at you, you are wrong.

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