Ask.com is Usurping Teh Google

Ask.com becoming the search engine that could.

Ask.com is slowly becoming my search engine of choice for a couple of reasons.
1. They don't give a damn if you say you're going to "Ask" something on the internet, unlike Google who continues to insist that people don't Google stuff which makes them look like stuffy 'tards.
2. Ask.com isn't Yahoo or Google and that means there's no easy way for my searches to linked to my email and therefore its harder to build a marketing profile on me. Something I know that Google and Yahoo both engage in. Something to consider when you do a search for vibrating butt plugs, eh?
3. Ask.com has a slick and useful Preview feature that lets you get a peek at what the site you might be clicking through to looks like. Its a good way of skipping the crap sites that merely want to get your eyeballs on their ads.
4. Ask also has an excellent Blog search function and sortability.

But Ask.com does have some drawbacks. Their News search is nowhere near as good as Google's and Google News search has been getting worse and worse of late anyway. So, when I need News results, I'll go elsewhere, usually Topix.net.

Disclaimer: Nope, no one paid me to review Ask.com. I don't do it for money but, if I did, I'd certainly disclose that fact. Non-disclosure of compensated reviews is dirty and underhanded. I don't play that way.

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