Ze Beesboll Has Been Beddy, Beddy Good To Me

It's up to Maddux to save Dodgers' season which is all well and good. I like Greg Maddux but I hate the Dodgers and I like the Mets so, sorry, Master Maddux, I'm cheering against you tonight.

And I'm cheering for an A's sweep of the Twins, another loss for the Yankees and I wouldn't mind seeing the Padres win at least one from the Cards but its obvious they're overmatched by the arms and bats of the Cardinals who aren't even really hitting all that well yet.

It looks like Barry Bonds is going to run out his MLB clock with another team since he's already publicly stated he won't work for incentives and just wants a big fat check. Which is stupid of him because he's going to go to the AL, hit DH for some team and limp into the record books and that's nice and all but he could have and should have done it as a Giant. But the Barry's Giants era is over and its time to young up the team. Alot. No more Alou, no more Finley, time to bring in Todd Linden and some of the other young buck stars to give them a chance to shine. I do like the talk about the potential chance to land Alfonso Soriano, he's a young stud with big play action. I'd also love to see the Giants pick up Eric Byrnes but he's locked up for another year.

And the other big news in the Bay Area sports world is that the Sharks opened their season up last night with an overtime win against the Blues. That was hot!

The upcoming game between the Niners and Raiders promises to be a battle of the NFL worst. I'm picking the Niners to win it though because they are a team at least, the Raiders are a bunch of fractured factions and egos yapping at each other in a most ugly fashion.

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