Which is the More "Real" Crime?

Techdirt examines some survey results that indicate that people are more concerned with being victimized online than they are about "real" world crimes like mugging, theft and burglary.

Not me. I am always well aware of what's going on around me. Attribute it to being a biker or whatever, but I'm pretty aware. You try splitting lanes on the highway and not paying attention and you'll find out damned quick what bumper tastes like.

But I've been doing alot of research lately on pedophiles and online predators and its pretty sobering stuff really. It also highlights the very different ways in which generations access the information age. Email is for old people, of which I am apparently one now because I prefer it to IM, SMS or MMS or any of the other thumb-typing messaging options.

Besides, email is like a paper trail, its alot easier to figure out where things went wrong or right with an out-box.

There's something pretty satisfying about not really worrying too much about malware and all the other nasty, nasty stuff out there. There's something nice about being in the margins and an unattractive target for coders with grudges which is kind of like icing. I do like my macs an awful lot. Though I must say that my iMac at work is kind of a piece of crap.

Anyway, I think I'll use the tail end of this post to announce a plan to do nothing but good news links next week. Call it a blog palate cleanser or whatever.

Also, really sad news about Cory Lidle's plane crashing into an apartment high-rise in New York. Stunning really.

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