Where's Those Pain Pills, Rush?

Limbaugh Accuses Fox of Acting in Ad and faking his Parkinson's disease for policial gain.

Which is, to say, Rush Limbaugh has not a single ethical cell in his entire rancid body. To say someone with a well known and well documented disease does not have it is shameful at best.

Especially given Rush's history with illegal pain medication. I'm sure his "dittoheads" all just keep nodding in time with his false proclamations, just like they always do. But this serves as yet another reason why GOP bitches like Rush and O'Reilly have no credibility outside their brainwashed listeners.

Or like Bill Frist declaring Terri Schiavo as being "alive" by examining a short ten minute clip of her laying in a hospital bed. At least Frist used to be a doctor at some point, before he became a walkin, talking joke.

If you listen to Rush Limbaugh then you are a fucking idiot. And if you agree with him then you're worse, you've handed over your decision making ability to a jackass who will say and do anything to keep his audience nodding along with him. You are sheep and you have been fleeced.