What Happens When People Don't Understand Jokes

Fried Coke a big hit at US state fairs. Yes, fried Coke.

This must have been a joke that someone took seriously. And then it won a prize for most creative food in the Texas state fair (you knew it was happening in the South, didn't you?).

Sorry, this is nasty. File it away with the deep fried Snickers bars and Twinkies.

What is the American fascination with deep frying everything? Maybe its the same fascination with SUVs and XXXXL jeans?

By the way, I successfully denied myself a trip to fast food yesterday. I had a short lunch and needed something and nearly went through the Wendy's drive through because I've been craving a burger. But I didn't, I ended up going to Safeway and getting a bowl of their chili, which was excellent. Not sure if it was better for me but I'm guessing it was. I'm now coming up on three months without any fast food of any kind and yeah, I'm kind of proud of that. (Yes, e, this is where you chime in and say its been 27 months or however long!).

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