Two Sick Days and a Sick Dog

I'm sure for most of you its Wednesday and you're about halfway through your week. But not for me. Today is my Monday since I've spent the last two days basically flat on my back, blowing my nose and groaning, alot.

But today I feel like I've come out of the flu coma and am back in the office trying to put thoughts and actions and other parts together to get something actually accomplished.

And I dropped Nande off at the vet's this morning. She's having a minor surgery today as she's got a foxtail embedded in her chest that has become infected and swelled up to the size of a big apple or a small grapefruit.

I am, quite naturally, worried about my dog and hope that everything turns out alright and she'll be back to her normal, goofy self soon. Our real fear was that it was a hernia or a really, really fast moving cancer so the foxtail, while a pain, is more of a relief than anything else.

And that's about all the update I can swing for now. We'll see how long I can go today. I realized this morning that I've had one meal in the last two and a half days. So maybe its time to get a little nutrition in me to see if that'll help stoke my fires some.