Tivo and Survivor

So, last night's Survivor was one of my favorite episodes of the new season so far. Lots of excitement, drama, some stupidity (dude, why would you take a stick and knock a bird's nest out of a tree?) combined with a 5 on 4 girls over the boys and the boys still thinking they got nothing to worry about. So much so that one dude yaps and orders and commands while sitting like a tribal chief. Guess who got voted out? Yeah, that dude. JP, the pro volleyball player who kind of is an ass. It was a fun episode to watch and I like it when the women band together and use their power. I hate it when they fold and do what the boys want.

After the show was over, I shut down the Tivo and unplugged its power to get it ready to install the add-on drive I got from WeaKnees.com. They had good instructions (though the fan install stuff was superfluous) and the install didn't take all that long to get done. And, once the Tivo had rebooted I checked the system information and, sure enough, our recording time had gone from up to 40 hours to up to 255 hours of recording.

Which means that I'll be able to save some shows for me now too! Not just Sesame Street and Bob the Builder anymore!