This Will Absolutely Ruin Your Day to Read

Africa’s World of Forced Labor, in a 6-Year-Old’s Eyes. I knew this was going to be painful to read and to have the forced realization of something I think we all know is happening. People all over the world are exploiting and forcing children to work in horrible conditions, with brutal masters and swift punishment for the slightest transgression.

This will ruin your day and there's just about nothing that can be done to completely stop it. The sole silver lining is that many African nations have adopted laws to start to curb the massive trade in children for forced labor. And there are more and more prosecutions for trafficking in children but I don't see how it could ever be enough if even a single child lives their life in what is basically slavery without even the chance at any kind of childhood.

Reading this article makes me feel sick to my stomach. And it makes me want to hold and hug my children as tightly as I possibly can.