Stay the Course?

New estimate puts death toll for Iraqi civilians at 600,000 / About 15,000 deaths a month since '03 invasion, researchers say. Which makes me wonder, how many Iraqi's are there? At this rate, won't we just kill off the entire country and then Dubya can declare a total victory while he rolls in a huge puddle of sweet, sweet crude oil?

The US death toll is around 2500 now. The Iraqi's have suffered 240 times as many deaths while we "liberate" their country. The figures range as high as nearly 800,000 and as low as 426,000. But no matter how you slice it, that's a pretty insane and ridiculous amount of death in the name of liberty and spreading democracy.

Especially when every single argument for going to war in Iraq has been exposed as either a lie, an exaggeration or just bullshit. So that's more than a half million dead because George Bush wanted to show his daddy what a big tough, warhawk president he is/was.

And what's going to cost him? His power, his base, his approvals and his party. Oh yeah, it also cost us an immeasurable amount of respect from the world body.

Staying the course now just seems like a petulant child who's dug his heels in regardless of reality. Staying the course now means we just keep pressing forward towards the precipice.

Real leaders evaluate and reconsider their actions. Fools like Dubya stick to their guns because its easier than thinking. Because we all know how much George likes to avoid the "T" word.