Sports Wrap

I've had some kind of resurgence of my flu from last week and ended up leaving work early on Friday as I was pretty well completely fogged over and all but useless (although I did field a call from an interested editor that lasted nearly a half hour and took every ounce of concentration I had).

And I've spent a good portion of the time since then laying down, trying to feel better and watching sports (among other things) on the stupid box.

First off, I wish the A's had won at least a game in the ALCS. They are a better team than a second round sweep by the Tigers. That said, I would have been happy with either team going to the big games. The Tigers look good although Magglio Ordonez looks like a reject from the Patridge Family with his goofy locks.

Secondly, I thought the Mets were going to be able to manhandle the Cards with their hefty bats lineup. It appears that Big Albert Pujols' bat is waking up again and the Cards took a 2-1 series lead. At this point, while I'd prefer the Mets, I think the Cards are going to romp in the next two games.

Thirdly, the San Jose Sharks are the real deal. They now stand at 4-1-0 in the league, they play strong hockey and the new additions to the team are already making their presences felt. Before the season began they were 15-1 favorites to win the Cup this year. I'd imagine that, if they keep playing the way they have, those odds are going to start coming down before long.

Fourthly, I watched a bunch of Ultimate Fighter episodes last night to catch up on the Comeback season. Its a pretty good show overall but some weeks they have about 55 minutes of show (with a whole crapload of commercials, I counted 4 and a half minutes on the commercial breaks) and then the "fight" that week is a quick submission or something else that ends it fast. Its hard to make sure each week is a good fight though. And, while I like Rich Franklin, he looks like he needs to eat more as his face is super bony and it was exceedingly lame of the UFC to allow him to come in and spy on the fighters so he could get a better idea of who he was going to have to fight. Not that I think anyone on the show could take Franklin or Matt Hughes (who is kind of jerk) and none of them are even close to Chuck Liddell's class. He would pretty well shred any of them.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and cough up a long so I could scrap off the festering mucus. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

And yeah, if I don't start feeling substantially better today then I will likely go and see my doctor tomorrow to make sure I haven't got bronchitis or pneumonia.

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