Splitting Hairs Is Torture

Bush signs law authorizing harsh interrogation including sleep deprivation and induced hypothermia.

And really, what we're getting to is torture without calling it torture. Abusing someone in no position to defend themselves in the name of freedom.

And then Bush had the sheer audacity to say anyone who opposed it was for the terrorists.

Just like his other false dilemmas, "You are either for the Patriot Act or you are for terrorism" and "You are either with him on the war on terror or you are with the terrorists." It just doesn't work that way, Mr. Bush. And you know it.

You are a divider and a diminisher. You have done nothing but erode this nation's dignity and world standing. Your legacy should be one of deepest shame and what not to do.

Torture is not what the good guys do. But you already knew that, you deeply disturbed excuse for a man.

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